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Do more with your dog! Check out our updated spring schedule of dog training classes; there’s something for everyone! Click on the class names for more information.

  • CLASS (Canine Life And Social Skills)!, a multi-level dog manners and obedience program. Open to all dogs aged 5 months and up. Fun and effective training techniques for all members of the family! Our unique flexible enrollment program means you can start when you’re ready, and not have to wait weeks for a new class to start. And our flexible attendance programs mean you can skip a week or two without losing any lessons!
  • Puppy Club, our premier, veterinarian-approved, puppy socialization and training program! Combine play time and school in a safe environment supervised by an experienced instructor. Open to puppies between 8 and 20 weeks!
  • Yappy Hour!, a socialization program for dogs aged 6 months to 2 years, for adolescents through young adults. Help your dog learn appropriate social behavior and have fun in an environment far safer than the dog park. All participants are screened to ensure everyone is safe and happy!
  • Total Recall, a 4-week class to make sure your dog has the skills to come when called, come what may! Fun practice exercises make it easy to do your homework and get great results! Awesome recalls are truly possible, so sign up today! Beginning April 28, 2018!
  • Happy Feet! A fun 4-week program that helps you learn to make your dog’s toenail trims fear-free and pain-free! Doing your own TNTs saves you tons of time and money and keeps your dog’s feet in tip-top shape! Check our schedule for dates!
  • Muzzle Clinic! A 2-hour seminar-style program so you can learn to properly fit and use a basket muzzle. Check our schedule for upcoming dates!
  • My Dog Can Do That! A week-long summer camp experience for kids and their dogs! Check our schedule for 2018 dates!

Check out our schedule for complete information:

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