Fit! Down! Stay! is our latest program designed to help you make the most of your time with your dog! Enjdogreadyoy the great outdoors in a healthy and fun way, helping your dog learn better manners and behavior while you both reap the benefits of a healthy walking regimen! Having your dog walking with you is a great way to stay healthy!

Fit! is about maintaining a sound mind and body as we keep moving to stay healthy. It’s also about maintaining the fitness of your relationship with your dog; the more social time you spend together, the better your relationship will grow! Regular training and exercise time with you only contributes positively to your dog’s behavioral fitness!

Down! is about bringing down your resting heart rate, your blood pressure and your weight, and all the benefits that accrue from keeping moving! Studies also show that dog owners who spend time with their dogs are healthier and live longer!

Stay! is about staying healthy and staying in tune with your body and your dog! And you have the added benefit of staying social, as your group walks will be full of fun and like-minded dog lovers who want to stay on the move!

Each walk is led by a qualified and experienced professional dog trainer whose goal is to show you how to maximize your walk time, help your dog learn better leash skills and social manners and give you some additional outlets for having a great time with your dog!

Fit! Down! Stay! features walks of various distances and intensities to match your skill level, fitness level and mood!  We feature street walks, park walks and trail hikes, as well as social outings to stores, shopping malls and restaurants. This is a great way for you to learn to train your dog to behave appropriately in all venues, so you and your constant companion can maximize your times together!

For folks who are training service dogs for public access, this is a great way to get started and maintain your skills, as you incorporate walks and excursions of all types into your training program!

Of course, we do recommend you consult your healthcare provider before embarking on any significant changes to your normal physical activity!dogwalk2

What You Need