BADDogsInc is proud to introduce our new friend, Carol Olsen, a talented watercolor artist, and the chance to have your photos transformed into one-of-a-kind watercolor portraits!  A painting of your child, grandchild, or your pet’s portrait in watercolor makes a lasting gift for any special occasion!

Meet the artist:

“I use only the finest watercolor paints and archival paper to create exquisite portraits of people and/or of their pets, and can capture the true character and personality of a child or of your beloved pet. I use my art to tell a story.

I have been painting all my life. Once I retired from teaching English at Valparaiso University, I began five years of weekly private instructions from an award winning artist learning to see, draw, and work in watercolor. I have won numerous awards for paintings, and have taught drawing and watercolor, and have done numerous commissions. Recently I   finished two paintings for a friend who wanted a way to remember her two Golden Retrievers.

I’ll use your photograph to create a new view, not simply copy a form. The life and the spark of each painting will leap from the canvas.  In every case I need the color of the eyes; it’s very necessary, so get in close!

When you purchase my artwork, even a commissioned original,  copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by me, unless transferred in writing. My artwork may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated, or used in any way for commercial or personal use (stationery, holiday cards, coffee mugs, etc.) without my express written consent. All you have to do is ask. I’ll probably say yes.”

Carol is an exceptional artist and devotes her full attention to your portrait from start to finish. Please remember that she is not duplicating your photo, but rather interpreting it, contributing her own personal “eye” and creating an original art piece with a life all its own. Just take a look at a few of her samples so you can gain an appreciation of the work she does. She uses archival paper and the finest watercolors.

All portraits come matted, ready to frame and enjoy immediately. The 5″x7″ size comes matted to 8″x10″, and the 8″x10″ size comes matted to 11″x14″. Please allow 3 weeks from the order date to receive your finished piece!


Order a 5″x7″ one-subject portrait here!

Order a 5″x7″ two-subject portrait here!

Order an 8″x10″ one-subject portrait here!

Order an 8″x10″ two-subject portrait here!

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