GraceGracie on Poop-Eating

OK, lots of dogs do it and ALL humans hate it. Why do we do it? Well, I can’t give away too many secrets (many things ‘dog’ we keep shrouded in mystery just to keep things interesting), but here are some ideas:

  • Dog is overfed
  • Dog is underfed
  • Nutritional deficit
  • Boredom!
  • Messy humans (do you leave the poop around?)
  • Medical problem
  • Scrounging (we’re scavengers, remember?)
  • Just a habit…

So if you’ve got a poop-eater, don’t send ‘em to the dog house! Let’s work through the options and get your pup’s snack habits back on track.

Food additives, like meat tenderizer and other powders and liquids you can buy over the counter are used by some people, but these don’t really seem to work. Adding foods like pumpkin, pineapple and other stuff to our food doesn’t really seem to help much either (but I loves my pineapple!) Better save your money for some rawhides or stuffy toys.

Better stuff to try:

  • Feed on a schedule and don’t overfeed
  • Pick up the poop religiously
  • Walk your dog on leash to potty and don’t allow access to the poop
  • Try a better quality dog food