BADDogs owners choose their pooches carefully!. The best choices are always made by taking the needs, habits and lifestyle of the family into account, and then researching the characteristics of various breeds to make a good choice for you.

Apartment dwellers with a long and demanding work day probably shouldn’t choose a high-energy sporting dog who needs room to run. Herding dogs left alone with nothing to do in workaday households will probably be miserable, as will more sedentary breeds dragged along on family picnics and hikes with active, athletic humans. And families that don’t have the time, energy and patience to deal with the first 8-10 months of puppy life should really consider the option of acquiring an adult canine companion.

BADDogsInc has the expertise in breed and dog selection to help you make the choice that’s right for you and your family. We can work together to develop an objective profile of your family’s likes and dislikes, schedules, activities and get a good understanding of exactly where your dog will fit into your life. With all this information, we can explore the various breeds to determine what types of dogs would work best with you. And once we’ve identified a number of breeds that would fit harmoniously into your home, we can help with evaluation and assessment of individual pups or adult dogs to determine if you’ve found a great match for you!