Dog Training Video

BADDogsInc, together with Dobbs Engineering, is producing a series of dog training videos! These dog training videos will be short bites of cool ideas you can use to teach your dog new stuff, fix problems, and, of course, just have fun! Your dog can appear in a dog training video we release soon!

We’re holding auditions for dog stars for our dog training video productions. Would you like to see your dog star in one of our movies? No acting talent is necessary, and we’ll work with you to train any behaviors your dog may need to know!

Do you have a dog training problem you’d like some help with? It could be a great subject for a new dog training video production! If we can create a great video around that issue, you’ll get some free help in exchange for your dog’s participation in our dog training video series!

To make your dog famous, or find out more about our canine cinema project, just call us at 951-283-2101, or email us at [email protected]!

Meanwhile, we’ve already started producing our first release, and it’s all about the creative ways people hide pills in food so their dogs take their medicine! We’d love to include a clip of your favorite method of giving pills! What do you hide your pills in? Here’s a sample video to get you started,  using strawberries:

Click Here For Strawberry Sample

You don’t need to worry about fancy editing, titles or special effects. We’ll take care of all that for you! Your dog’s name will appear in the credits and he’ll become an overnight star! If you have any kind of video recording device, including most smartphones, you can be part of the fun! Please make sure to set your camera on the absolute best quality recording mode it can handle, and always shoot horizontal! Here’s a short video to help you learn why:

Why Shoot Horizontal?

Make sure your video clips clearly show a close-up of your favorite yummy thing for hiding pills, and definitely include a clip of your dog happily downing your pill-loaded goody! When you’re ready to send in your clips, just contact us at [email protected], subject line “Pill Video” and we’ll give you detailed instructions for uploading your clips!

Any questions? Happy shooting!


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