Activities! Here’s the most important part of all! Our program includes dog walks of varying distances and intensities so you can join whichever fits your schedule and your current level of capability. Each activity is about 1 hour long. All new walkers are required to start with the Puppy Walk, so we can assess and help you train your skills. Once you’ve demonstrated that you and your dog have what it takes, you’ll be welcome to join other walking groups.

The Puppy Walk is for beginners. Puppy Walks focus on loose-leash walking skills and polite social interactions with fellow walkers, both 2-legged and 4-legged. Puppy Walks are always conducted on flat areas and are generally about a mile long. Once you’ve graduated from Puppy Walks, you can move on to more advanced stuff!

Border Collie Walks are for folks who want to incorporate some training skills work in their dog walks. Practicing sits, downs and other basic behaviors as you motor along allows you to improve your dog’s training by having him practice in several different places in a single training session. Border Collie Walks are always conducted on flat areas and are either 2 or 3 miles long.

Terrier Trots are more challenging dog walks, incorporating inclines, declines and changes of pace to keep things interesting. Terrier Trots are 2 or 3 miles long.

Adventure Hounds take you to places you might not otherwise visit, including lots of local hiking trails. Adventure Hounds travel 2 or more miles per session.

Beagle Jams are fun and social, just like the dogs they’re named after! Beagle Jams are dog walks that take us to places where we can enjoy the company of our co-walkers and their dogs while we explore the exciting habitats of homo sapiens! Beagle Jams allow us to practice polite dog and human manners while enjoying a great social experience! Beagle Jams happen at home improvement centers, shopping malls, restaurants and other fun spots. Mileage may vary based on the type of jam we’re jamming!
Note: Attendance at Beagle Jams will be restricted to a limited number of participants per event, based on location, so as Beagle Jams are listed, registration will be required and participation will be on a first-come, first-served basis.


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