Independence Day Can Be Free Of Fireworks Fear! Free Pre-Fourth Consultations!

Independence Day Can Be Free Of Fireworks Fear! Free Pre-Fourth Consultations!

Fireworks fear! Independence Day is coming, and for many of us, it’s day of fun and relaxation to enjoy with friends, family and neighbors!

But for many of our pets, it can be a real horror show, with random explosions, scary flashes of light and the stink of gunpowder all around. Some dogs take this all in stride and hardly notice a thing. But many others spend the day quivering, shaking, drooling, hiding or trying to run away. What can we do to help our pets get through the experience without so much emotional pain?

I watch our local social media community pages, blogs and other “conversations”, and shudder at some of the well-meaning advice that people give each other. And while many of these “aids”, “remedies” and containment solutions may work well for some, they can be completely ineffective or downright terrifying or unhealthy for others. It can be tough to know the right thing to do in your situation, and what will be right for your dog.

As the only certified dog behavior consultant in the Inland Empire,  I want to make sure that more families and their dogs get better help so our dogs can make it through the hectic holiday safely.

In order to get some better help out there, I’m offering free 20-minute telephone consultations to help you identify the best possible solutions for you, your family and your dog. The consultations will be available throughout the day on Monday, June 12, 2017 between 9AM and 6PM and Wednesday June 14. 2017 between 11AM and 6PM. Just give us a call at (951) 847-7010 and we’ll help you come up with a customized plan for you and your dog(s). If you get voicemail, please leave us a message and we’ll call you right back.

We won’t try to sell you anything, promise! We just want more good information out there, and more dogs getting through fireworks  hell with their sanity intact!

Remember, call us at (951) 847-7010 on Monday, June 12, 2017 between 9AM and 6PM or Wednesday June 14. 2017 between 11AM and 6PM for your free for your firework-phobic dog telephone consultation!

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I’ve been working with dogs and their people for more than 30 years! I’m certified in dog training by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, and certified as a Dog Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (I’m also a founding member, currently Chair of Dog Division and serve on the faculty of their behavior consulting program, Animal Behavior Consulting: Principles and Practice). I’m also certified in training and behavior by the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals, and serve on their advisory board. I’m pleased to participate as an AKC CGC/S.T.A.R. Puppy program as an Evaluator.


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