One of our missions at BADDogs is to create opportunities for people to do more with their dogs. In some cases, they actually get to do good with their dog! Our therapy dog program has helped scores of people prepare to join therapy dog groups and perform visitation therapy, bringing the healing power of pets to those who can’t regularly have them. So we’re  thrilled to announce a new alliance with an exciting organization you can join that will help you do more, and do good, with your pets!

There are so many people who love animals, but not all are able to keep them as full-time pets. They live in college dorms, senior homes, and tiny apartments, or may not be able to afford the financial responsibility of owning a pet.

Paws-to-Share brings the love of a pet to these people! Their clients schedule visits with the animal of their choosing, and a handler accompanies the pet to either the client’s home, or a public space; in this way, they ensure the experience is rewarding for both the pets and the clients. As the visits continue, their clients develop a loving relationship and a new best friend.

Paws-to-Share is growing in our area, and they are looking for pets (both dogs and cats!), and handlers, with the right temperaments–social, playful, well-behaved.  If you think you and your pet are a good fit, please visit their website, at and complete a handler form, or call them at (888) 695-6845 and get started as soon as you can!


paws to share

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