PORTAL! Personal Online Real Time Animal Learning

PORTAL! Personal Online Real Time Animal Learning


PORTAL is Here!

Welcome to PORTAL! PORTAL stands for Personal Online Real Time Animal Learning!

With PORTAL, we can bring the animal training experience right home to you! Using an online program called Zoom, a skilled and experienced trainer or behavior consultant can visit you wherever you are without ever having to enter your home.

Sounds weird? Not really! If you’ve ever used FaceTime or Skype, then you’ll be very comfortable with Zoom. You can get online using any computer, tablet or smartphone, and all your family members can attend the sessions, even if they’re not home. PORTAL is flexible and friendly to use!

Because you’re working from home (or any other friendly place you may be!), your training will happen in a space with few distractions, a place where you and your dog are already comfortable. You’ll save time and money because you won’t have to travel to the training campus for your sessions, and can avoid paying higher rates to have a trainer come to you.
Our team is highly skilled at coaching clients and their dogs in a hands’ off mode, so we can provide the specific verbal guidance you need to learn your skills and be successful. PORTAL also makes it possible for us to play video clips of training demos to help illustrate each lesson. And, PORTL sessions can be recorded, so we can send you a video of your total lesson so you can review the lesson over and over again!

We are currently offering PORTAL for the following programs:


For clients who want to start or continue a dog training program, PORTAL Dog is for you! PORTAL Dog sessions are private, so that means you’re getting 100% instructor attention. PORTAL Dog sessions are customized for each client and each dog, so we help you meet your specific goals and objectives, and we don’t waste your time working on stuff that’s not important to you. PORTAL Dog sessions are offered on a flexible schedule, and appointment times are available every day but Sunday. PORTAL Dog programs are available in packages of 5 and 10 lessons. PORTAL Dog programs are intended for training, not for addressing serious behavior problems.

PORTAL Problem

This program is designed for folks whose dogs have more serious behavior issues, such as aggression with dogs or people, fearfulness, anxiety, destructiveness, unruliness and others. All PORTAL Problem programs are conducted by an IAABC-certified dog behavior consultant, so you are assured of working with a professional who has a complete and current understanding of your dog’s behavior, the ability to correctly assess and grade the problems you’re experiencing, and can help you arrive at solutions that make the most sense for your family and your dog. All PORTAL Problems start with a Behavior Assessment Consultation; this consultation takes about two hours and includes a complete analysis of your dog’s behavior, a specific problem assessment and a proposed training plan to help you get started on the path to a better life with your dog. The Behavior Assessment Consultation takes about 1.5-2 hours to complete and is available every day but Sundays.

Ready to get started?

Just go ahead and register for your program below, and we’ll email you within 1 business day to set up your first session. Have additional questions? Give us a call at (951) 847-7010 and let us fill in the blanks and help you find the best program for you!

PORTAL Program Type

Portal Dog 5 Sessions, Portal Dog 10 Sessions, Portal Problem Assessment


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