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The Puppy Club


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Puppy socialization & training program for pups 8-20 weeks

Dog behavior experts all agree that early socialization is your best bet for your puppy to get an excellent start on a well-adjusted outlook on life. A great puppy play group can go a long way to make that happen!

What is “Socialization”?

Most folks think that ‘socialization’ is about making sure your dog knows how to behave politely with other dogs, but it’s really so much more. Socialization is the process of introducing your young dog to all kinds of new experiences in a safe and fun manner, so that the puppy comes to view new experiences as fun and interesting instead of scary.Well-socialized pups are ready to meet the world with confidence and without fear of new experiences, people, animals and situations. They are truly the ‘happy travelers’ of the dog world!

Sounds simple, but …

What’s the best way to go about it? Do you just tote the pup everywhere you go and hope for the best? How do you know which experiences are important and which aren’t? What about socializing with other dogs? How do I know my pup’s having a good time and benefiting from the experience?

How a well-run puppy play group can help!

Puppy play groups are an excellent way to help you and your pup maximize your possibilities during this critical early learning time. A well-run puppy play group includes:

  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Clean facilities
  • A variety of activities
  • Owner education on training and canine behavior
  • Safe & fun playtime with other young pups

Great puppy play groups are fun for pups and their parents, too. Pups should learn a lot about how to interact appropriately with other dogs, and their humans should learn a lot about dog behavior, development, and training.

Enter…The Puppy Club!

The Puppy Club is a unique approach to puppy socialization groups. Club members can attend any and all meetings, come early or late and stay as long as they like.

With the ‘club’ format, your little guy will benefit from meeting a wider array of people and dogs and get much more exposure than a traditional puppy class format can offer. Each meeting is supervised by an IAABC-certified canine behavior consultant well-versed in appropriate puppy behavior. Your pup will have a great time playing, learning and meeting new friends, and you will, too! Puppy parents benefit from learning basic training techniques in a low-key, relaxed and fun environment while spending some valuable ‘sharing’ time with other puppy people.

And we’re always available to answer your questions; it’s all part of the plan!

But Wait! There’s More!

Your The Puppy Club membership card gets you into every club meeting from the day you join until your pup’s 5-month birthday.

What Else Should I Know?

That’s about it! Fun and educational interactions with people and other puppies of all kinds, and a lifetime of support from a certified dog behavior consultant! Are you ready to get started?

Puppy Headstart Program

Sign up for 1 full year of CLASS, our premier dog obedience and manners program, and get The Puppy Club for free!

Choose your 90-minute session:
Corona, Thursdays at 6PM
Corona, Saturdays at noon
Norco, Wednesdays at 10am


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