Why a mentor?

When a new candidate applies for our internship program, one of the first questions I ask in the initial interview is “What is your ultimate goal? Where do you want to end up with this?” And the vast majority respond the same way.

“Behavior work.”

My name is Barbara Davis, CPDT-KA, CDBC, and I have over 30 years of learning, practice and experience in dog training and behavior consulting. When I was coming up in training and behavior consulting, I was fortunate to have accessible mentors who taught, encouraged and motivated me to continue with my training and improve my practice. This was due to a number of factors, including:

  • My winning and charismatic personality
  • My sincere desire to improve my knowledge and skill
  • My willingness to do whatever dirty work these learned professionals would dump on me in exchange for a bit of their time, and
  • Reasonably ready access to the kind of people with the kind of knowledge who could help me learn and accomplish my goals.
  • Of course, I had some bumps along the way, but my progress was hastened along nicely by those associations and the guidance I received from some educated and experienced people. That was then.

Today the dog training business is exploding, with schools, academies and trainer development programs springing up all over, many of which are distance-learning programs with little or no hands’ on and very little mentorship. Live seminars, workshops, webinars and conferences are available on nearly a weekly basis these days on a diverse array of subject matter. And if you can’t get to the live version, you’ll generally be able to buy a recording to view or listen to at your leisure. There’s never been so much education available. But how is an individual to know how all these pieces really fit together.

One piece of that puzzle isn’t as readily available.

Coaching. Individual mentoring.

The ability to meet with someone who has the experience, knowledge and skill that’s in line with your personal practice goals and objectives. Someone who’s been for many years what you want to be eventually (the sooner the better!). Someone who’s done it all 100 times over to bounce your ideas off of. Someone who, when you’ve tried “everything”, probably has a few more “everythings” up their sleeve. Someone who can help you avoid taking wrong turns, spin your wheels and run off the road. A future “you” you can rely on to help you be successful and make you look like a hero in front of your clients.

As your personal Canine Behavior Consulting Coach, I’ll be available at our appointed times for a phone call or Skype, to run down your current challenging cases and help you stay on track. As your mentor, I’m there to review your case notes and videos and help you identify how you can get better results in a more timely manner. But most importantly, because I’m working for you, I’m very vested in making sure you’re as successful as you can be!

You can use your mentor time to:

  • Run down current cases
  • Brainstorm problem areas in your practice
  • View video of your sessions and get feedback on how you can improve your performance (and your client’s satisfaction!)
  • Review specific areas of canine behavior consulting, including history taking, canine body language, breed-specific traits
  • Talk about how to work with difficult clients
  • Review/prep for certification exams
  • And a whole lot more!

Phone/Skype sessions are available most weekdays, and some weekend time is available as well. We work on your schedule, so you can set up sessions when it’s most valuable to you, not on a fixed weekly format. You’ll have my full and undivided attention to work on what’s most important to you!


Individual Consultations:

Single hour/initial consultation                                                                                  $125
Starter program (initial consultation plus 3 45-minute follow-ups)                            $395
Supporting program (initial consultation plus 6 45-minute follow-ups)                      $675
Advanced program (initial consultation plus 10 45-minute follow-ups)                      $995


Check out my resume here! Then email me at [email protected] for a free 10-minute “getting to know you” and we can talk about how I can help you meet your educational and practice goals!