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Professional Dog Training in Riverside, CA

— BADDogs Inc

Since its inception in 2004, BADDogs Inc has pioneered the landscape of professional dog training in Riverside, CA. Founded by seasoned and licensed dog trainer Barbara Davis, our mission centers on shaping beloved family canine companions. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is vividly demonstrated through innovative training programs tailored to each dog’s distinct needs—ensuring they evolve into well-mannered, confident, and joyous members of your family.

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What We Offer in Riverside, CA

At BADDogs Inc, our wide-ranging offerings cater not only to dog owners seeking in-depth training for their beloved companions but also to individuals who aspire to embark on a fulfilling path as professional dog trainers.

We are proud to offer the following:

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Group Dog Training

Our group dog training programs create a vibrant and social learning environment. From the exuberant Puppy Club for young pups to the dynamic Yappy Hour designed for adolescent dogs, our classes cater to various age groups and developmental stages. These classes not only foster good behavior but also nurture social interactions and self-confidence in your furry friend.
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Private Dog Training

Our most sought-after option, private dog training lessons, paves the express lane to achieving your goals. You’ll receive 100% undivided attention from our instructor, focusing solely on your specific needs. Each program is a personalized journey, ensuring that you work towards objectives that matter most to you.
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Dog Trainer Apprentice Program

The BADDogs Inc Dog Trainer Apprentice Program (DogTAP) is a golden opportunity for those with the ambition to venture into the world of professional dog training. Led by Barbara Davis, a distinguished expert in the field, this comprehensive program blends academic coursework, hands-on learning, active class participation, and practical projects.
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Canine Behavior Consultant Coaching

Take your knowledge to the next level with personalized coaching led by Barbara Davis herself. With over three decades of experience, Barbara will guide you through real-world canine behavior consulting. From reading body language to handling breed-specific traits, you’ll gain insights that textbooks can’t provide.

Why Choose BADDogs Inc for Professional Dog Training in Riverside, CA?

Choosing the right dog training partner is a significant decision that can shape your furry friend’s behavior and your relationship with them. At BADDogs Inc, we stand out as the premier choice for dog training in Riverside, CA for a variety of reasons.

Here are some of them:

Get Access to Professional Dog Training in Riverside, CA

Choose BADDogs Inc as your partner in nurturing the bond with your canine companion. With decades of expertise in professional dog training, we’re dedicated to helping dogs and their owners thrive. Whether through group training or personalized sessions, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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Two dogs sitting on a yoga mat
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