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Professional Dog Training in Ontario, CA

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At BADDogs Inc, we believe that every dog has the potential to be a well-mannered, confident, and joyful companion. Our founder, Barbara Davis, a seasoned expert in the field of dog behavior, has dedicated her life to refining the way dogs learn and interact. With a focus on personalized training solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of both group and private dog training programs in Ontario, CA to cater to the unique needs of every pup and their devoted humans.

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Our Popular Dog Training Programs in Ontario, CA

Dogs are as unique as their owners, each with their own quirks and qualities. That’s why BADDogs Inc takes pride in offering a diverse range of popular dog training classes, carefully crafted to meet the individual needs of dogs and their devoted companions.

Here are some of our most sought-after dog training programs:

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Dog Manners C.L.A.S.S.

Elevate your dog’s skills through our Canine Life and Social Skills (C.L.A.S.S.) program. This distinctive training approach combines real-life learning with positive reinforcement. BADDogs Inc aims to make training enjoyable and educational for both you and your four-legged companion.
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The Puppy Club

Early socialization is key to a well-adjusted canine companion. That’s why we’ve crafted The Puppy Club, exclusively for puppies aged eight to 20 weeks. This program focuses on enhancing socialization and obedience skills through engaging playgroup activities. Shape your puppy’s outlook on life with our specialized training.
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Better than Bootcamp

Choosing the right training environment is crucial for your dog’s growth. If traditional boot camps aren’t your style, consider our Better Than Bootcamp program. This unique offering ensures your pet’s comfort and safety while instilling vital skills for a well-mannered and obedient life. Our dedicated team guides your dog through tailored training, all while ensuring they have a blast.

Why You May Need Professional Dog Training?

Dogs enrich our lives in countless ways, but they can also present challenges. BADDogs Inc is equipped to tackle a wide array of common dog problems, including house-soiling, anxiety issues, aggression, barking, and more. Barbara Davis employs proven techniques to address these concerns and create a harmonious living environment for you and your furry friend.

BADDogs Inc Empowers the Next Generation of Dog Enthusiasts

Not only are we committed to transforming dogs’ lives, but we’re also dedicated to nurturing aspiring dog trainers and behavior consultants. If you’re passionate about dogs and want to make a positive impact, we offer top-class programs to help you kickstart your journey.

Here are some of our programs designed to nurture future dog training experts:

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Ready to transform your dog’s behavior and your relationship with them? Contact BADDogs Inc today to learn more about our expert dog training programs in Ontario, CA. Our proven methods, led by the experienced Barbara Davis, will help your furry friend become the well-behaved companion you’ve always wanted.

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