The Puppy Club

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The puppy club is a Dog Training & Socialization Program

for Puppies 8 – 20 Weeks

Dog behavior experts agree that early socialization is your best bet for your puppy to get an excellent start on a well-adjusted outlook on life. That’s why BADDogs Inc offers a special dog training program specifically designed for puppies aged eight to 20 weeks — The Puppy Club. If you want to hone your puppy’s socialization and other obedience skills, this fun, activity-filled playgroup can be the one you are looking for.

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Why Puppy Training and Socialization Classes Are Important

Some people consider puppy socialization as simple as teaching your small canine friend how to properly behave around other dogs, but it’s actually way more than that. It actually involves thoroughly training your puppy and introducing them to all kinds of new experiences in a safe and enjoyable manner.

The Puppy Club puppy training classes allow your little fella to view new experiences as fun and interesting instead of scary. Well-socialized pups are ready to meet the world with confidence and without fear of new experiences, people, animals, and even strange situations.

Why Our Puppy Training Program Is a Great Way to Hone Your Dog’s Socialization Skills?

Honing the socialization skills of your puppies may sound simple on paper, but it can be a real challenge. But with the professional puppy training techniques that BADDogs Inc incorporates into The Puppy Club, we will make this journey as simple and entertaining as possible for you and your canine friend.

By training your puppy under our program, we will help you identify which experiences are important and which are not. Our strategic puppy training classes can help you easily determine whether your pup’s having a good time and benefiting from the experiences they have encountered.

What Makes The Puppy Club a Standout Dog Training Class

The Puppy Club is a unique approach to puppy socialization groups. Club members can attend any and all meetings, come early or late, and stay as long as they like.

With the ‘club’ format, your little guy or gal will benefit from meeting a wider array of people and dogs and get much more exposure than a traditional puppy class format can offer. Each meeting is supervised by an IAABC-certified canine behavior consultant who is well-versed in appropriate puppy behavior.

Your pup will have a great time playing, learning, and meeting new friends, and you will, too. Puppy parents benefit from learning basic training techniques in a low-key, relaxed and fun environment while spending some valuable ‘sharing’ time with other puppy people.

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Start Training Your Puppies As Early As Possible with the puppy club

Great puppy play groups are fun for both pups and fur parents. By being a member of The Puppy Club, you open your young canine friend to a series of opportunities that enables them to learn a lot about how to interact appropriately with other dogs. At the same time, it gives you an opportunity to learn a lot about dog behavior, development, and training — helping you improve your relationship with them.

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