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Professional Dog Training in Norco, CA

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Founded in 2004, BADDogs Inc has been a pioneering force in the realm of professional dog training in Norco, CA and surrounding areas. Our legacy is built upon a passion for canine companionship and a dedication to transforming them into well-rounded, well-behaved family members. Led by the seasoned expertise of Barbara Davis, a renowned dog training professional, our focus extends beyond obedience to encompass rescue and shelter dog rehabilitation—making us a pillar of support for dogs from all walks of life.

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What We Offer in Norco, CA

Whether you’re in need of in-depth dog training to enhance your canine companion’s behavior or you’re looking to embark on a journey towards becoming a professional dog trainer, BADDogs Inc in Norco, CA has a range of comprehensive programs tailored to meet your unique needs. Our services include:

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Group Dog Training

Engage your furry friend in a positive and social learning environment through our group dog training classes. We understand that every dog is unique, which is why we offer classes catering to various age groups and developmental stages. From the Puppy Club for young pups to Yappy Hour focused on adolescent dogs, our classes foster a sense of community and growth.
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Private Dog Training

Our private dog training lessons offer personalized attention and rapid results. Work one-on-one with Barbara to address your specific goals. Whether at our training center or through a remote face-to-face connection, your dog’s training is tailored to your objectives.
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Dog Trainer Apprentice Program

For those aspiring to become professional dog trainers, our Dog Trainer Apprentice Program (DogTAP) provides a comprehensive learning experience. Led by Barbara Davis, our team boasts exceptional credentials and offers academic coursework, hands-on observation, active participation in classes, practical projects, and teaching skill development. Join us to embark on a journey towards becoming a certified dog trainer.
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Canine Behavior Consultant Coaching

Elevate your canine behavior consulting skills through personalized coaching led by Barbara Davis. With over 30 years of experience, Barbara offers insights beyond textbooks. Enhance your history-taking, body language interpretation, and client interaction skills. This program is ideal for aspiring behavior consultants, trainers seeking growth, or devoted dog enthusiasts ready to make a difference.

Why Choose BADDogs Inc for Professional Dog Training in Norco, CA?

Choosing the right dog training partner is a significant decision that can shape the relationship between you and your furry companion. At BADDogs Inc, we believe that our unique approach, experienced team, and proven track record set us apart as the premier choice for professional dog training in Norco, CA and surrounding areas.

Here’s why you should entrust us with your dog’s training journey:

Unleash Your Dog's Potential with Professional Dog Training in Norco, CA

Unlock your dog’s potential with BADDogs Inc. With our decades of experience, personalized approach, and innovative programs, we’re dedicated to helping your furry friend thrive. Whether you’re looking for group classes, private training, or are aspiring to become a professional dog trainer, BADDogs Inc is your partner on the journey to canine excellence.

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