Dor Stopz

Dor Stopz

Pet Tethers are for indoor use as an aid in training and canine behavior management. Your dog MUST be under your close supervision at all times; never leave a tethered dog alone for ANY length of time, as serious injury may result.

Pet Tethers may be used outdoors to manage your dog’s behavior while actively engaged with a responsible adult handler in training; NEVER leave a dog tethered outdoors alone for any reason, for any length of time, or serious injury may result.

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Dor-Stopz is just like a standard tether, except with a PVC end-cap at one end. Toss the cap end under a closed door. Makes almost any closed door a tether point! This provides a convenient alternative to installing an eye-bolt in your wall or connecting the tether to a furniture leg.

Dor-Stopz regular gauge comes in 4- and 5-foot lengths. The Teenie Dor-Stopz comes in 4-foot lengths only!

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