Gus Makes Good!

Gus Makes Good!

Dog Gussy smiling while relaxing under the green grass

Well, we made it to 17 months. Gus knows the rules and almost always obeys them. And when he forgets, he has the good grace to look sheepish. There’s still work to do, but he’s smart – we’ll get there.

He’s about 75 lbs and wiggles all the time. He loves people and is sure everyone is his new best friend. Everyone. Who doesn’t need a new dog friend? I can’t imagine.

He’s totally pool safe (our pool – all bets are off for other pools), having spent the summer working with us in the pool. He can swim faster than we can run in the water. For a breed that isn’t very interested in the water, we can’t keep him out. Seriously, he goes in the backyard and launches himself at the pool for a fast swim around. He throws his ball in the pool so he can get it out. He sits in the water on the steps, up to his neck, for an hour, looking so happy. David is worried he’ll still be in the water in Jan. I’m worried he’s going to mold.

We go to the U once or twice a week after hours and I let him off leash for an hour as we walk around. He’s learning to watch me, as I might go around a corner or change paths. And he’s learning to attend and come to me if I call, because who knows where I might go? He gets to run and smell and do good dog stuff, laughing the whole way.

Perhaps this winter we can do another training class.  I’d like to teach him to Stay better (he gets too wiggly and excited and forgets to focus) and work on recall. I suspect these are related. I’m thinking after walking around on campus for an hour and he’s a little worn out might be a good time to work on this. He wiggles less.

He’s a terrifically beautiful dog and we couldn’t be happier with him. He’s a great companion and we enjoy taking him with us in public. Every single time we give him a treat and he gently takes it, we thank you. We’re convinced your training tips resulted in large part in such a happy adult dog. You can quote me, if you like.


He′s a terrifically beautiful dog and we couldn′t be happier with him.

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