Secret Dog Training Success Tip #1

Secret Dog Training Success Tip #1

Everyone loves a good secret, yes? Of course, the best and easiest way to train your dog to do anything, or stop doing anything, must be secret, or else everyone would be able to do it, right? Totally.

So instead of keeping everyone in suspense, allowing you to continue suffering along with your untrained dog and your unresolved dog behavior problems, I am now going to divulge all the Secret Dog Training Success Tips in the universe. Right here. In this very space.

I’m not going to do this all at once, as that might be so jarring as to knock the earth off its axis.

We’ll do it slowly over time, so you have the best chance of absorbing these secrets, and incorporating them into your life as fully as possible.

Take a deep breath, and relax.

What I’m about to tell you will really rock your world, dog people. This is going to be a huge revelatory moment that will set the stage for what is to come. And truly, something big is coming.

What would this secret information be worth to you?

Having the ability to understand your dog, how he thinks, what motivates him and what methods and techniques will work to get you the dog you’ve always wanted?

Let me end the suspense right now.

All this amazing information, these incredible Secret Dog Training Success Tips, will be coming to you, absolutely free! No fees, no payments, no obligation whatsoever. You’re free to use them, or not. You’re free to share them (heck, encouraged to share them!), with everyone you know.

Here comes the first one.

Secret Dog Training Success Tip #1!


There are no secret dog training success tips.

That’s where you need to begin. All the best information, from all the best minds in dog training, has already been written down or recorded somewhere that you, and all your family members and all your friends and everyone else can get to them. For anything you want or need to know, there’s something recorded or written down to help you. All the best information we have today is right there, waiting for you. What’s cooler still, is that tomorrow someone will figure out some better way of doing whatever it is, and they’ll write it down, or record it and there it will be for you. It’s like a Magical River of Dog Training Knowledge!

But there’s a problem.

The problem is, mixed in with all these great books, DVDs, websites, blogs and videos, there are lots of other books, DVDs, websites, blogs and videos which are, well, not so good. Some of them are far worse than “not so good”.

How is the average person-with-a-dog able to tell the good stuff from the rest?

Sounds like Secret Dog Training Success Tip #2

Stay tuned…

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