Squishy Dog Treat Dispenser!

Squishy Dog Treat Dispenser!

This squishy dog treat dispenser is an awesome addition to the My Favorite Things gallery! Dog trainers, we totally love these! We’ve been using the Nourish With Style pouches (https://www.nourishwithstyle.com/) for about a year now, and these are the best way we’ve found for neatly and easily dispensing squishy dog treat stuff!

They are perfect for transport and storage of squishy treat stuff like peanut butter, cream cheese, canned dog or cat food, pureed sweet potato and so much more. We’ve found them to be so convenient, as you can prepare a number of them in advance, store them in the fridge and you’re ready to grab and go! So many of our clients have difficulty managing some of the higher-value treats, such as peanut butter and loaf-style dog food but these little babies definitely solve the problem. They can be handled easily with one hand, and rolled up like a toothpaste tube to make dispensing stuff easily. For lick and go, there’s nothing that beats it.

The cap fits securely and removes easily for dispensing a lick at a time while keeping your hands and clothes clean. The very wide zip lock bottom closure is water tight and secure; we’ve never seen any leakage after dozens and dozens of uses! The wide bottom opening facilitates easy filling and cleaning, and most can be just rinsed out with warm soapy water, and dried-on gunk inside can be easily removed with a soapy bottle brush. They’re super durable; we’ve used a few of these a few dozen times and they’re just as good as new.

This product was created by some on-the-go moms who were looking for an easy way to carry and dispense baby foods, so these food-safe pouches are safe for your pooches as well.

After trying several types of food squeeze bags, these are by far the best squishy dog treat dispensers we’ve found!

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