Training_for_Humans_by_CooperCooper Buczek-Blanchard was fortunate enough to escape the planned life of a show dog circuit at the age of 4 months. He was destined for greater things in life learned at the hands of a loving family instead of a professional handler. Cooper’s own education centers around learning how to live as a domestic dog without losing his inner canine spirit. Study and practice began early on with the basics in obedience but have evolved to a higher commitment to understanding the human/canine relationship. Cooper has worked hand in paw with his human family which includes two golden retriever brothers to understand the dynamics of appropriate behavior/response techniques to generate good things, which for Cooper include praise, yummy treats and the first to race after his favorite flying Frisbee.

As Dean of Education, Cooper devotes himself to key Fields of Study including:

  • Communication – Recognized as a master communicator of desires and intentions with a strong focus paid to the exact time of day meals are served
  • Physics – Mastering the calculations necessary to ascertain the exact point of catching his Frisbee
  • Psychology – Developing ground breaking techniques of human psychological coercion with regard to walks, car rides, food and belly rubs

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