House Soiling

Grace, The Golden Retriever Dog

Gracie on House Soiling

What a relationship-killer this turns out to be! Humans seem to be very persnickety about where we ‘go’ and where we don’t, but aren’t really good about letting us know what they want. How confusing! Just when we get a good spot going (under the bed, the hall closet, that bedroom nobody ever uses), all hell breaks loose! It’s enough to make me bite myself raw.

Sometimes, we figure things out on our own, but mostly not. As smart as we are, understanding the mind of a human can be just too much to handle on our own.

let us help you with your house soiling struggles

Barbara wrote a tip sheet that she hands out to some of the dog rescues and shelters she works with (some us lose our HOMES over this stuff!) and you can get your own copy of that here, free of charge. Download ‘Housetraining Made Simple’ now!

OK, sure, there’s not enough information here to help absolutely everyone, since each family is different and each dog is different. For more help, you can buy the most wonderful house training book in the world, “Way To Go,” by Dr. Patricia McConnell (Barbara’s read me most of her stuff, and she’s the doggiest human I’ve ever heard of!). It’s not free, but cheap, and has lots of great help for teaching your dog the rules of the house.

If all else fails and the house soiling struggles persist,

Barbara can help you with a customized house training program geared specifically for you, your home and your dog that will get your potty problems solved as quick as can be. If you’ve gotten this far, call BADDogs Inc or Barbara at (951) 847-7010 to schedule your customized in-home potty-training program now!

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