Multi-dog Households

Grace, The Golden Retriever Dog

Gracie on Multi-dog Households

Everybody knows that dogs are social animals, and most of us love having canine companions as roomies most of the time. Dog-loving people like having as many dogs as they can, because, well, who wouldn’t want a house full of pooches?

leading a multi-dog household is possible

We all have our own special personalities and charms, and when everything is working, well, a big pile of pooches makes a happy home! But it’s easy to forget that we are our own people, and well, sometimes things get complicated! It may just be a bit of occasional snarkiness, or outright fights but when things go bad, it can really disrupt the entire house hold. Many times the people in charge just can’t figure out what went bad or how to get things back on track, so that’s where the real dog-people come in! Barbara and other dog behaviorists have studied these kinds of problems for years, and can help you sort things out pronto!

My sister and I got into it (big time!) once, and we weren’t on talking terms for months, but Barbara helped us figure things out and got us all back together again. She helped us and she can help you, too, so if your canines are clashing, give BADDogs Inc or Barbara a call at (951) 847-7010 and get things sorted out now!

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