Pets And Kids

Grace, The Golden Retriever Dog

Gracie on Pets and Kids

Personally, I’m a great lover of all people of all sizes, shapes and colors! Kids are particularly cool, since they do silly things and almost always smell (and taste!) of old food (my favorite perfume!). Dogs and cats and kids can make for a great family mix, or it can be one giant poopy mess if you’re not prepared! It makes me sad to think of all the dogs and cats that lose their homes because a new baby arrives, or because things weren’t supervised very well, because mostly it’s just not necessary. If you know what to do to keep the peace and understand all the little players, your multi-species menagerie can live happily ever after!

pets and kids can live harmoniously in one home

Barbara has a lot of experience working with families of all kinds to help them understand how to keep the peace! Barbara can share her expertise and experience with everyone, so folks with new babies can learn more about how to keep everyone safe and happy together!

If you have pets and you’re expecting, or have recently had kids, or just have a mess of kids and dogs and cats and what-all, and need some help sorting it out, give BADDogs Inc or Barbara a call at (951) 847-7010 so she can help you figure out how to keep everyone safe and happy!

Kitty And Kid Learn Love & Respect

This little video came to our attention recently on a behavior list, where behavior consultants spent some time analyzing the interactions between the kitty and the kid. As the video opens, the little girl engages in some completely inappropriate but completely typical baby groping behavior. Kitty responds by scolding the kid, and taking a giant swat at her. Now we know that kitty was as gentle as she could be, since the baby’s tender skin would have shown the effects of any scratches very easily. Baby girl’s feelings are hurt, and she sheds a few tears about the cat’s rebuff. Mom and Dad are the heroes here, and apparently they’re smart enough to do some relationship repair, and begin to teach their little one about how to handle her kitty in a gentle and loving manner. The next 2 minutes of the video tells the tale of the little girl trying to relate to her feline friend in the only ways she knows how, sharing her toys, and a gentle hug and pet or two. For parents who care to take the trouble, it’s amazing how quickly a situation like this can be turned around. And the sweet song that goes along with it really sets the tone!

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