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Treibball Clinic


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Treibball is a fun new game that’s been growing in popularity since it came over from Germany more than 10 years ago. Treibball is played in timed trials, so you don’t need to have a group to play with; practice on your own! Not much equipment is needed, just a few balls, a make-shift goal and some training aids you can probably build from stuff you’ll find in the recycling.

Treibball in Europe and in many parts of the US is played outdoors on a large rectangular field, but sadly, there just aren’t that many large, rectangular fields of flat turf laying around for us to practice on. So, borrowing a concept from arena football, we can teach you Treibball indoors, a version that’s scalable and playable in any gymnasium, auditorium or dog training center you have access to.

And, since I’m a lazy trainer, I like to make things as simple as possible, so I’ve spent a lot of time making my Treibball training exercises into fun and interesting games that have you mastering basic skills in no time flat. No complex behaviors are necessary, just some simple basic skills you probably already have and we’ll teach you the rest! And if you have any foundation in agility, then you’re likely going to be a natural!

Each clinic session is about 1 hour long and will give you what you need to get started; your dog will be moving balls around before you know it! You’ll love this dog training class!

We’ll review some of the important rules and moves without bogging you down. We also start out with a review of distance obedience, an important component of Treibball (don’t worry! It’s easier than it sounds!)

You’ll learn about moving the ball. We’ll teach you all you need to know to help your dog learn how to line up, break the rack and start moving balls into the goal area. This is really where the game is played!

A major component is going out.

If you’ve never taught a “go out” or “run out” before, no worries. We’ll also break this down into simple steps that you can use to have your dog heading out onto the course with confidence and hitting the mark every time. We’ll even teach you how to set up for directionals, too!

Each session can accommodate up to 8 participants. Our flexible enrollment program allows you start when you’re ready (as long as there’s room), and our flexible attendance program allows you to miss a week here and there without penalty. Lots of individual attention is available as you work at your own pace!

The program meets most Saturday mornings at 11AM, and is available in packages of 5 and 10 lessons, and an annual plan is also available!

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5-Lesson Plan, 10-Lesson Plan, Annual Plan


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