Private Dog Training – One On One!

Private Dog Training – One On One!


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Our most popular option, private dog training lessons are the fastest way to meet your goals! You receive 100% instructor attention and only work on the stuff that’s most important to you. Each program is customized to meet your needs, so you’ll be working on your objectives, not somebody else’s! Work one-on-one with a professional instructor and get great results fast!

All sessions conducted at our training center at 170 N Maple St, in Corona OR by remote face-to-face connection using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • Sessions may be conducted during our normal schedule, Mon-Fri 10AM – 6PM, Saturday 10AM – 2PM
  • 5-session programs expire 2 months after the first session is completed
  • 10-session programs expire 4 months after the first session is completed

Ready to get started?

Then go ahead and purchase your plan (either 5 lessons or 10 lessons), and we’ll email you within 24 hours to schedule your first session!


These programs are offered for basic behavior/manners training, and are not suitable for addressing serious behavior problems, such as aggression, anxiety, separation anxiety. If you’re not sure if this is the right program for you, give us a call at (951) 847-7010!

Our favorite option is private lessons! Private dog training classes are always the fastest road to your training goals and have many advantages, including:

  • Train where you choose, on your schedule. We offer house calls, on campus sessions at our Corona facility or remote dog training using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Flexible scheduling helps you get the results you want!
  • Each program is custom designed for you. Because we’re working with you one-on-one, we don’t have to do the same old thing.
  • Schedules are truly flexible! If you have vacation or business plans, we can skip a week. Not feeling well? Call us and we’ll reschedule!
  • 100% instructor attention. Since you’re the only student, you have our undivided attention! This means all class time is devoted to fine-tuning your skills to get you the best results!
  • All family members can participate!

Semi-private Lessons

Invite a friend or two and form your own mini-group. More expensive than group, but less expensive than private lessons with advantages of both. Work out with a friend or neighbor or two with lots of instructor attention. Think of “prep school for dogs”…

Remote consultations

Remote consultations can be very effective, getting you the training you need at a greatly reduced cost. If you have access to FaceTime or Skype, then you’re all set. Access our sessions via your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone! Train at home, work or wherever you like, since it’s portable and affordable!


5-Lesson Plan, 10-Lesson Plan


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